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American Youth Leadership Program:Japan-America Water Stewardship Program

Our day at the fishing school was so much fun! Not only did we have the chance to make our own bait and go fishing but, more importantly, we were able to interact with local students around our age. Pairing each of us with a Japanese student caught us out of our usual comfort zones but presented us with the opportunity talk with someone from a completely different culture. Though at first both the US and the Japanese students were a little shy, by lunchtime everyone was sitting together, talking, and laughing while getting to know each other. Our time meeting the students at the fishing school was definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip.
                                      -Courtney Hauck-
When I first heard that we would be going fishing on our trip, I was very excited. Upon arriving at the fishing college, my first thought was that Lake Kawaguchi was very big; I was sure we would catch some nice fish. Before we went fishing we had the wonderful opportunity to make our very own eco-friendly fishing lures! This was my first experience making my own lures and it was very fun. After the lure making, we went down to the lake to fish along the shore. My student instructor was very nice and quite helpful with showing me where the larger fish were. We later got in boats and I had even more fun fishing! All of us caught fish and we certainly all had a great time making the lures, then using those to fish, and finally eating curry afterwards. Going to the fishing college and Lake Kawaguchi was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. If I am ever in Japan again, I hope to go back to the lake and enjoy some more fishing there.
                                      -Ben Longacre-
The fishing school at Lake Kawaguchi was one of the events that I will remember the most from my trip to Japan. Not only did I go fishing for the first time, but I also had the opportunity to interact with Japanese students. Learning how to make fishing lures and sharing jokes and stories with the students at the fishing school was a great experience. I developed fishing skills as well as friendships at the fishing school. I would like to thank the Lake Kawaguchi Fishing School for making my trip to Japan memorable and allowing me to learn from their talented students.
                                      -Dan Miller-
Our day at Lake Kawaguchi is certainly one I won't ever forget. We began our day at the fishing school by learning how to make fishing lures out of pork. Before beginning, we were greeted with nothing but smiles and kindness from the Japanese students who were there to spend the day with us. We made the lures by carefully cutting out small shapes in the pork, and then took them out to use in the water. For many of us, including myself, fishing was something we had never done before. Despite the language barrier, our Japanese friends were able to teach us how to fish, and have fun while doing so! We were given the chance to go out on a boat with a student at the fishing school and really test out our new skills, which was quite an amazing experience within itself. I remember how proud I was, and how proud my mentor seemed to be, when I caught my first fish. After fishing we gathered back at the beach for our beach clean up. I was amazed at how clean this beach seemed compared to American beaches, and yet we were still taking the time out of our lives to make it even cleaner. Performing small tasks such as this made me feel good about myself and about the program I am lucky enough to be a part of. After the morning's activities we gathered for lunch, talked, and shared quite a bit of laughter before we separated for a final farewell. This day was such an amazing experience to me because not only did we have a great time fishing, but we were also treated with kindness, respect, and welcoming arms. The fishing school has made a very positive impact on my experiences in Japan, and I can only hope we have left a good impression on the students at the fishing school.
                                      -Erin Balas-
Out of all the days our program spent in Japan, the one spent on the shores of Kawaguchiko with the students of the Human Fishing School was one of the most memorably exciting ones! From cutting pig skin into fish shapes to actually fishing, we all had a boatload of fun. Some of us couldn’t even hold a fishing pole properly until the students showed us (me included). I even caught eight fish! After the fishing portion, we got to help clean the shore lines. It was nice to see a large group of people so passionate about conserving our natural surroundings, even through small acts such as helping clean up cigarette remnants. Overall, I’m extremely thankful for this experience and wish to thank everyone who helped make that day a lasting memory!
                                      -Miranda Glasheen-
                              フィッシング環境大学部3年 斎藤 哲也
                              フィッシング環境大学部1年 米田 悠二
                              フィッシング環境大学部1年 斎川 佳弘
                              ビジネス専攻1年 辻野 直子
                              トーナメントプロ専攻1年 馬 成

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